The Piedmont region, with its peculiar geographical characteristics - the Alps, the lush hills, the green and vast plains and the rivers - offers a wide variety of high quality Italian culinary products. The region is famous for its dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fruits, fine meats and world-renowned wines. The culinary tradition, as shown by local stories and legends, dates back centuries. To satisfy your curiosity, we have hand-picked the products to create an ideal gift basket.

Peaches Covered in Unsweetened Cocoa Revignano gr.320, Ramassin Plum Jam Cascina Revignano gr. 320: A traditional, fruity delicacy perfect for every season. Following an ancient recipe, the jam is made with sugar and ramassin plums. These small Piedmontese fruits are only cooked once they reach their full ripeness and still retain their organoleptic properties. Tuna Stuffed Peppers Cascina Revignano gr. 180: the tastiest delicacy among the Cascina Revignano’s products: these round hot red peppers are stuffed with a tuna filling giving this dish a crunchy consistency with a soft core and a balanced spicy-sweet flavour.  Sweet and Sour Baby Onions Cascina Revignano gr. 280: Borettana baby onions in a sweet and sour sauce; perfect if served as an appetizer or as a side dish. Ortolana Appetizer Cascina Revignano gr. 350: Fragrant, freshly picked vegetables such as bell perpers, beans, carrots, baby onions and celery are chopped into small pieces and cooked over gentle heat. Tomato sauce, tuna and olive oil are later added to the veguetable, giving this delicacy its rounded and fresh flavour. Bagnet verd Sauce Cascina Revignano gr. 180: A creative reinterpretation of a traditional Piedmontese sauce made with simple ingredients. Rich in flavour and character, this sauce pairs well with boiled meat and traditional local dishes. Procini Mushroom Sauce Revignano gr. 280: ready to use on a special main course.

Baci di Dama Biscuits Dolce Langa gr. 250: the Baci di Dama are one of the most well known and appreciated delicacies among the Piedmontese artisan pastries. Every Bacio consists of two shells made with Piedmontese hazelnuts, sugar, and flour, which are filled with a dark chocolate ganache. A true representative of the typical Italian specialities.

Apricots with Muscat Wine Davide Palluda gr. 400: Only tree ingredients make up this delicacy: tree ripened fruit, sugar and spring water. The young and driven advocate of the Territorial School for a local, self-sustainable development, Davide Palluda, has run the ‘All’Enoteca’ restaurant since 1995.

Black truffles Cogno gr. 200: Using raw materials of the highest quality and an entirely traditional approach to pastry-making, these delicacies are processed manually and produced in small quantities in order to ensure their characteristic fragrancy and freshness. No food colouring, preservatives or artificial flavouring are added to the products. Ingredients: Piedmontese hazelnuts 55%, dark chocolate (minimum 50% cocoa, cocoa paste, cacao butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanillin). Lamorresi Chocolate Pralines with Rhum Cogno gr. 300: Ingredients. Chocolate, Piedmontese hazelnuts, rhum 13%, milk, sugar, egg yolks. Emulsifier: soy lecithin. A delicacy that fits every occasion.

Torrone Nougat with hazelnuts gr. 200: an artisanal, crumbly torrone sweet made with hand-picked Piemonte Hazelnuts I.G.P. following a recipe that dates back to 1883. No edible gelatin is added to the sweet; instead, the producers use still use egg whites. The torrone is cooked in a steam boiler for seven hours, before being molded and cut by hand and later left to chill overnight on marble tables.

Nocciolato Milk Chocolate Bodrato gr. 400: A two centimetres thick chocolate bar with Piedmontese ‘Tonda Gentile delle Langhe’ hazelnuts. Manually produced, this flavourful sweet will satisfy even the most demanding milk chocolate lover. Dark Chocolare Boeri Pralines Bodrato gr. 500: The Boeri Pralines are produced following the company’s old-time recipe, which calls for a time-extensive and extremely careful process. The typically irregularly shaped Boeros are made with sugar, dark chocolate, and Vignola cherries, which have been immersed in locally produced grape spirits for several months.

Mario Fongo’s Corn Lingue gr. 200: Mario Fongo’s Lingue di Suocera are a unique product, which can be served as a bread replacement, a snack or, if paired with cold cuts and cheeses, as an aperitif. Thin, crunchy and irregular in shape, the Lingue are hand-made and naturally leavened. Mario Fongo uses only carefully selected flours and organic extra virgin olive oil, which make his Lingue a product of the highest quality.

Baraggia Rice DOP Zaccaria gr. 1000: The Zaccaria’s Sant’Andrea rice is grown in the Arro di Salusso of the Baraggia Billese, on the soil owned by the company. These terrains, which have been used for rice cultivation since 1500, are watered with pure, cold water originating in the Biellese Alps. The Baraggia region presents several peculiar agroclimatic characteristics, which render the area particularly suitable for rice cultivation. The clay and iron rich soil and the low temperatures cause a limited, but very high quality rice production.

Barber doc Piemonte Romana Carlo lt. 0,75: A robust, fresh and lightly astringent red wine that pairs well with Piedmontese cured meats.

Langhe doc Nebbiolo Conterno lt. 0,75. A red wine produced from the oldest grapes in the region.

 Moscato D’Asti DOCG Cascina Fonda lt. 0,75: A sweet, uniquely Italian wine.

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