The Tuscan cuisine with its characteristic genuine and flavourful dishes was largely influenced by the healthy Mediterranean diet and ranks among the most renowned cuisines in the world. Excellent meat, fresh fish, oil, pasta, sweets and cheese are the Tuscan chefs’ staple ingredients. A rich mixture of products enables you to find a great gift basket for every occasion.

Panzuppo Fabio e Gianni gr. 750: the ‘panzuppo’ is a traditional sweet, which fuses together the traditional culinary approach with modern creativity. The dough, left to rise naturally and slowly, is dotted with fine raisins and presents a characteristic aroma of sweet wines.

Dragees Chocolate Pralines Slitti gr. 150: after being slightly caramelized, the ‘Tonda Gentile delle Langhe’ hazelnuts and sweet almonds from Puglia, are covered with thin layer of dark and milk chocolate before being dusted with cacao.

Chocolate Spread Slitti gr. 300: A delicate, creamy chocolate and ‘Tonda Gentile delle Langhe’ hazelnut spread.

Siena’s Panforte Gli Speziali gr. 450: the Margherita Panforte sweet was prepared for the first time in 1879 upon Queen Margherita’s visit to the city of Siena. The traditional recipe calls for a delicately spiced dough dotted with candied fruit and topped with a thin layer of vanilla sugar.

Cantucci Desideri gr. 250: these sweet, handmade biscuits are enriched with fine Pugliese almonds, which make up the 33% of all ingredients. The Cantucci di Prato, a Desideri Family’s reinterpretation of the classic Tuscan delicacy, are usually served with Vinsanto which exalts the slight bitterness of the almond. The Cantucci biscuits are an unusual and high quality product.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Slitti gr. 450: the best Arabica coffee beans, carefully selected and toasted by the Slitti family, are covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate.

Amedei Pralines gr. 100: It is difficult to choose which one to bite into first: these tiny chocolate creations, with their many shapes, colors and flavours, have been created to offer a surprising sensory experience. The maitre chocolatier’s technique creates a perfect balance between flavours, aromas and consistencies.

Ricciarelli Gli Speziali gr. 250: the Ricciarelli ‘Antichi Dolci di Siena’ (Siena’s ancient sweets) are soft, diamond shaped, handmade pastries made of almonds, honey, sugar and egg white and dusted with a thin layer of powdered sugar.

Croutons Patè Caino gr. 180: traditional Tuscan paté produced by the famous, Michelin starred restaurant Da Caino.

Truffle Sauce Savini;gr. 90: this fine delicacy is a must in every Italian kitchen.

Tagliolini Pasta with Truffles Savini gr. 250:  just a hint of truffles is enough to complement this fine, velvety pasta.

Tuscan Pecorino Cheese gr. 500: this soft or semi hard cheese, is produced using exclusively whole sheep’s milk. The soft variety presents a pale yellow/yellow crust, and a white, pliable core whose flavour is characterized by a fragrant sweetness.  The hard variety presents a bright yellow crust; if the cheese has been treated (usually with tomatoes, ash or oil) the crust may be black or reddish in colour. The core is pale yellow, the flavour fragrant and intense, but never spicy.

Collonnata Lard gr. 500: the fragrant and rich aroma is complemented by its delicate, almost sweet taste, a taste that turns slightly savoury if the lard comes from the buttock area. The product, enriched by a fine selection of spices and herbs, can be consumed once the rind and the salt residue are removed. It tastes better if cut into thin slices and served with warm or toasted bread.

Nero di Chianina Fracassi gr. 180: a tipical Casentino sauce made with beef from the Chiana Valley. Despite its name, which means Chianina’s black, the sauce is actually a ‘white’ ragù, meaning that it does not include any tomato sauce; the name refers to the type of meat used to produce it. The Fracassi butchery utilizes only Chianina IGP and local products for all its recipes.

Brunello di Mantalcino DOCG Il Poggioni lt. 0,75. The Brunello wine is considered the crown jewel among the Montalcino wines. It is produced using exclusively handpicked Sangiovese grapes which grow in vineyards that are at least 20 years old. After a careful fermentation at controlled temperatures the Brunello is aged in French oak barrels for 36 years. The wine is later bottles and undergoes another refinement process, which allows the Brunello to acquire the complexity and the pleasantness for which it is globally known.

Vin Santo Pasolini dall’Onda lt.0,50: A dessert wine that pairs well with delicate sweets and the Tuscan cantucci biscuits.

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